Accessories - Miscellaneous Wheelchair Accessories

Universal Wheelchair Cup Holder by Drive Medical
Drive Medical now offers a Universal Wheelchair Cup Holder. This Universal Wheelchair Cup Holder is an ea
Slime Wheelchair Tire Sealer
All punctures as large as 1/8" in diameter in the tread area can be sealed by Slime Wheelchair Tire Seale
Safety Lights
Safety Lights are a great safety feature for wheelchairs. While on the road, these Safety Lights are down
Quickie Wheelchair Tool Kit
 Maintenance on Quickie Wheelchairs can be tricky and specific. That is why the Quickie Wh
Adjustable Height Bed Assist Handle with Strap, 13.5"-16.5" by Drive Medical
Getting in and out of your home style bed may be a challenge at times, but the Adjustable Height Bed Assi