About Us

The civilization of peoples and nations measured in terms of coherence and integration of groups of the same society with each other by providing opportunities for a decent life and equal for all classes and categories of society, As reflected in the interdependence positively to the progress and advancement of indigenous peoples through increased productivity and economic recovery, And where that people with disabilities, elders and patients of important groups in society, Which must recognize the underlying energy and show the light.

From that philosophy, Fursan Medical Equipments established as a national company specializing in this field to provide all requirements for people with disabilities, elders and patients, Through an integrated set of equipments, tools and accessories that cover all requirements and choices.

Our main uniquely character is the credibility, commitment, and professionalism, Also for our experience in this field that came because of my disability and as a wheelchair user, we have ability to select the best products with high efficiency and the good price, As well as our team qualified with experience and standby around the time to provide your needs.

Kinds Regards
Majid Abdulla Al Usaimi